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Wolverhampton market factors

Now that we have the win strike rates for the various betting positions, starting with favourites and working your way down to seventh place or lower:

Position In BettingWin Strike Rate
Second Favourite20.36%
Third Favourite12.71%
Fourth Favourite9.04%
Fifth Favourite7.13%
Sixth Favourite5.89%
Seventh+ Favourite2.6%

The A/E indices demonstrate that favourites and second favourites are the most value:

Position In BettingA/E Index
Second Favourite0.92
Third Favourite0.81
Fourth Favourite0.79
Fifth Favourite0.81
Sixth Favourite0.86
Seventh+ Favourite0.72

In relation to SP, favorites have only lost 5.5p; 9p for the second favorites in the £. After commission at Betfair SP, you would have lost 2p in pounds on favorites, but only 0.5p in pounds on second favorites. As a result, the top two bets appear to demand close attention in this situation.

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