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Following a corruption hearing, Danny Brock was disqualified for fifteen years.

Danny Brock, a former jockey, was found to have broken the rules about corruption and fraud by an independent disciplinary panel of the British Horseracing Authority. As a result, he has been banned from competing for the next 15 years.

In December, the rider and five other people were brought before a BHA disciplinary hearing for conspiring to benefit from Brock’s corruption.

The violations involved three all-weather races that took place between December 2018 and March 2019, but the panel was also asked to look at six more races to show the difference between rides where Brock was trying to win the race and rides where he wasn’t.

Sean McBride, Luke Olley, Eugene Maloney, Andrew Perring, and Luke Howells were the other five parties. Sean McBride is the assistant trainer for his father, Philip “Charlie” McBride, in Newmarket.

The panel believed that there was a clear connection between the betting patterns of the other people in the hearing and the results of the races in question. Brock seemed to be riding to win for his co-defendants.

On March 7, 2019, Brock was riding Samovar in a five-furlong race at Southwell. His co-defendants had collectively staked a five-figure sum on Tricky Dicky, the only other runner in the two-horse race.

Samovar resided in the stalls, and the panel determined that Brock was late removing the horse’s blindfold. The horse made little effort until a furlong from home, and the horse was ultimately defeated by 10 lengths. Samovar stayed in the stalls.

Only McBride, out of the six involved, chose to participate in the hearing and testify before the panel. Brock, who was just starting out in his new job as a greyhound trainer, chose not to attend.

McBride was barred from competing for a period of seven years, while Maloney, Perring, and Howells have been barred from competing since 2020 for failing to cooperate with the proceedings. The BHA will not consider an appeal of their exclusion for a period of fifteen years.

Despite the fact that the panel determined that none of Olley’s alleged breaches could be demonstrated, he has been excluded from the program since 2020 for failing to comply with the BHA’s initial investigation.

Brock’s horses have been disqualified from the three races in question, and his own disqualification will take effect immediately.

A BHA statement on the matter read: “This welcome outcome sends a powerful message that conduct of this nature will never be tolerated in British racing.

“The conduct of the individuals found in breach in this case risked undermining confidence in our sport and flagrantly disregarded the hard work and dedication of people up and down the country who carry out their duties in good faith.

“It is vital that supporters and bettors have faith in the fairness and integrity of our sport. At the same time, participants must have absolute confidence that they are competing on a level playing field.

“We are grateful to the panel for their diligence in hearing and passing judgement on this important case.”

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